Journal Entry for Vartan Gregorian’s “America, Still on Top”

Journal 4: Vartan Gregorian, “America, Still on Top”
The essay “America, Still on Top” talks about the great strengths of U.S higher education and how other nations are trying to follow the way the United States of America handles their higher education. This may involve how to increase enrollment or concerns of tuition cost, or the quality of the college or university. Also, other nations do not pay their professor as well as they should do. Vartan Gregorian also discusses how many foreigners are coming to America to attend these Universities. One reason foreigners may be coming here is because their country universities and colleges do not meet the individual standards on how good the university needs to be in order to attend it.
As a college student I can relate to Vartan Gregorian essay on the great strengths of U.S higher education. America Universities or colleges make tuition affordable by having junior, city and county colleges. These colleges are closer to home and paid for by both state and federal government.
Some questions I have for the author is what made him so convince that American universities were still better than European or Asian countries? As time goes by will American universities still be on top? What made the author decide to discuss this topic?
Word Count: 44
I appreciate this essay because it shows the great strengths of American universities compared to other nation’s universities. As an American college student, this essay gives me more confidence in my college because I do not have to travel to a foreign nation for the best education. This essay show and makes the reader aware of foreigner wanting to come to American universities. This may cause a problem in the number of jobs that are available.
Word Count:303