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Journal Entry for Vartan Gregorian’s “America, Still on Top”

Journal 4: Vartan Gregorian, “America, Still on Top” Recapping: The essay “America, Still on Top” talks about the great strengths of U.S higher education and how other nations are trying to follow the way the United States of America handles their higher education. This may involve how to increase enrollment or concerns of tuition cost, or the quality of the college or university. Also, other nations do not pay their professor as well as they should do. Vartan Gregorian also […]

Journal Entry for Sherry Turkle’s “How Computers Change the Way We Think”

Journal #3—Sherry Turkle, “How Computer Change the Way We Think” Recapping: Sherry Turkle starts her essay with her first encounter on how computers change the way we think. Turkle discusses the transition from slide rules to calculators and how it was difficult for that transition for college students. The author continues on and talks about how technology gives people a new way to think about what it means to know and understand. Also, Turkle focuses on privacy and how students […]

Journal Entry for Stephen Jay Gould’s “The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS”

Stephen Jay Gould, “The terrifying Normalcy of AIDS” Recapping: The author first starts out the essay by explaining how with today’s modern technology there really is not limit to what can be accomplished. Then the author goes on and relates and the AIDS pandemic may rank with a nuclear weapon as the greatest danger of our era. Stephen Jay Gould continues on and talks about John Platt and how he recognized that the limited data on the origin of AIDS […]