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Sustainable Buildings and Construction

Background Information on Sustainable Buildings and Construction With the population of the world growing, global warming, the world’s frightening dependence on oil, the issue of energy is concerning and some people are easing this concern. One way that people have been trying to help the Earth is by “Green Building.”  This is different from traditional building in that builders are now paying attention to eco-friendly materials, zero-carbon emission buildings, net-zero energy buildings, and “off the grid” buildings. Green building is […]

Journal Entry for Sherry Turkle’s “How Computers Change the Way We Think”

Journal #3—Sherry Turkle, “How Computer Change the Way We Think” Recapping: Sherry Turkle starts her essay with her first encounter on how computers change the way we think. Turkle discusses the transition from slide rules to calculators and how it was difficult for that transition for college students. The author continues on and talks about how technology gives people a new way to think about what it means to know and understand. Also, Turkle focuses on privacy and how students […]

New Generation of Social Networking

Online social networking has grown rapidly, and now surpasses e-mail usage worldwide. Popular social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer novel utilities that are increasingly useful for this generation. Distance communication has come a long way, from letters, newspapers, radio, telephones, and the modern e-mail. Historians are labeling this period of time as the Age of Information for a reason; sites like these mentioned are connecting people in ways never before imagined. However, all new technologies suffer criticism, […]