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Memorial Proposal – Historical Creative Writing

After 3 years of peace, life is finally starting to return to normal here in France. However, let us not forget what transpired over the last 7 years and those brave souls involved in the war to defend our beloved France from destruction. From the soldiers on the front line, to the children on the home front, we all had a part to play which should not go unnoticed or without gratitude.  The road to victory was long and not […]

Human Communities – History Essay

One of the most important traits of mankind is our tendency to live in communities. From the earliest hunter-gatherer societies to the modern technology dependent city, the ability to live together and form communities has been critical to our survival. Since the first humans appeared around 200,000 years ago, these communities have constantly developed and changed.  Climate factors, migration, and technological innovation have all helped guide this change. This claim is especially true for humanity’s way of life up until […]

Yesterday left us with Today – Short Story

By: April Laugh We were roommates in that old ramshackle girl’s secondary school. I was attracted to you as a girl because you loved Mathematics; I could swear your skin emitted numbers each time you walked past me at the school library. You loved giving tutorials to other girls during our night classes in that dirty dormitory. I hated figures, it wasn’t my thing; English was and still is my first love. You were a pretty young girl with wild […]

Maybe Next Year – Short Story

By: Rebecca Yuncken Sammie really did look extraordinary.  Ruth laid down her grooming comb and leant back on her metal stool, using her hands to fluff his splendid, grey ruff which billowed from either side of his majestic face.  Sampson Prince Wetherly III, Sammie for short, had hit his peak.  She glanced up at the glossy timber honour boards that hung on the far wall of the large exhibition space and zeroed in on the section entitled ‘South Eastern Regional […]

Witch! – Short Story

By: May Livere She ran on, wild-eyed, terrified. Her breath came in quick, short gasps. “Witch! Witch! Witch!” their angry chants filled the midnight air. She ran faster, getting her strength from the very essence of the words and the murderous passion behind them. The angry monotony was broken every once in a while by unsynchronized barking… they had brought their dogs along too, for the round up and final kill. Her chances were dim and she knew it. She […]

What Fun it is

By: Emma Mustaca There were no smiles on the hospital ward that day. Mum came in, as usual, at precisely the same time the long, dark hand counting down my hours hit the ten. Even she did not smile. She looked as tired as the rest of the room felt. Last year, I remember her telling my sister who some much stress from school had given her “unsightly” dark circles under her eyes. Unsightly. As if showing signs of suffering […]