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Waterbaby – Short Story

By Iain Angus I remember my brother and sister; Sam and Sarah; no one else does… I do. My parents moved to Canada before any of us were born.  It was 1970 I think, or 71. To Charleston Lake, Ontario, cottage country. Up I-81, half an hour north of the US border. The locals called it a summer place, our house. My father gutted, insulated, rewired and dry-walled it. Part the foundation was replaced as well. It’s amazing what frost […]

Water, Water Everywhere

Author: Aldeena Raju For when a bubble bursts, the sound echoes across time, across generations sometimes. The sound of the cracking of hopes deafens. She sat there for hours staring into the distance. She could see eagles circling a building not very far away. The clouds were turning dark. It might rain. She didn’t have an umbrella today. Of all days, today. She could hear voices downstairs. On another day she would have skipped down the steps and joined them. […]

Twisted – Short Story

By: Orija Gbemisola “Sanjo o oo ….” I already knew the routine! How could I forget?I thought as I scampered into my aunt’s bedroom at exactly 6:00am in the morning .I greeted her hastily and bent to pick the potty which she swiftly picked up and shoved into my face !I felt like vomiting She was fond of doing that whenever she had to call me to empty and wash the potty .We lived in a rickety old building ,the […]

Toddler Trouble

By: Emily Broderick Mr Pepper owned a toy shop, although he didn’t particularly like children, with their snotty noses and dirty clothes, and oh so disobedient attitudes. The children didn’t like him much either, after all he was always getting up their mummies. The shop was perched on the corner of Dowel Street and Harris Street. It was very convenient for across the gravel road was his old two story apartment. The paint was crawling down the walls in crispy […]

To Boldy Go… – Short Story

By: Partha Sarathy ‘The prudent see only the difficulties, the bold only the advantages, of a great enterprise; the hero sees both; diminishes the former and makes the latter preponderate, and so conquers.’ To boldly go and take part in an enterprise is not an easy action. For a middle class family, to cross all its borders and premises within their community and start entrepreneurship, to have standard living was just unimaginable at present times. An adage supports-‘rich becomes richer […]

The wound is the place where the light enters you – Short Story

  Fatima Akbar Shah   Lesser the time elapsed between the creation and the time the onlooker sees it, the more are the manifestations of creator evident in it. As the creation faces the surges of the worldly air, they rub upon it the dust of mundane impurity that ultimately it has to brush itself off several layers to match, and if need be to merge into the creator. Finn entered into the room with a file gripped in his […]