To Boldy Go… – Short Story

To Boldy Go… – Short Story

By: Partha Sarathy

‘The prudent see only the difficulties, the bold only the advantages, of a great enterprise; the hero sees both; diminishes the former and makes the latter preponderate, and so conquers.’

To boldly go and take part in an enterprise is not an easy action. For a middle class family, to cross all its borders and premises within their community and start entrepreneurship, to have standard living was just unimaginable at present times. An adage supports-‘rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer.’ But that’s what Devshree Maibram has gone up too! Breaking all the barriers a woman can encounter, where her voice is being heard in a male dominating community.

She was indeed courageous in setting up groups, brave enough to accept humiliation.

People though were interested in the opportunities galore that she listed, but never questioned at her vivacity of idealistic mind she was up to. We belong to an orthodox family neither extended nor played any role in history that dealt with other communities or not in dream with another race. We were never familiar until last year, about the things that fly in the air, or what Mr. Khagenra Yumnam drives when he visits us. He is deeply respected by our community, as he treats our illness-where our men fail. My granny had long talks with this occasional acquaintance. People tell she was infected by Mr. Yumnam’s thoughts that belong to another world. We never thought these ideas interlinked with the welfare of our community. Devshree broadly approached mainly at women empowerment and started entrepreneurial lectures. We are surprised at her motivation, a year later we are indulging in activities our ancestors were never involved in. It’s like a dream we never dreamt- became true.  We had an uplift of our livelihood. What she was trying to grow has reaped well, when young minds were keen and interested in her works. You became a young entrepreneur-Jameson, Dayananda, Anjali teased me! Well even they were learning and enlightening themselves about the enterprise and its role in their well-being.

She was an inspirational leader. She was convinced no matter the circumstances or the odds, she had to overtake them. She became an idealist at heart. Imagining the distant, possible, practical world and setting up a business, as a window for such a vision. She quotes, ‘without idealists, there would be no innovation, no fresh ideas that change the world.’ People have learnt to value and develop an idealist and realist within each other (and within them). That’s why Devshree believed in them and in entrepreneurship. In the famous Star Trek, Captain says, ’… to boldly go where no man has gone before’, but here a woman lead us to a new civilization.

One day, Jameson and Dayananda were fighting against Devshree, for her selling off household goods. She confronted saying to begin an enterprise we need to invest a little. But in my view, the money she got by selling items wouldn’t be sufficient even for a pair of clothes. Mr. Yumnam helped her to start a business. Unlike what I heard about life, he recites, ‘business is a roller coaster ride. But once you are an entrepreneur your talent support standards of living.’ Awareness is what our society needs. Connecting all the dots, so as to provoke and enlighten the spirit of every individual- a businessman and women. It was surprising we had a computer recently in our well-built house; we felt we are luxurious-2 rooms, a huge garden, a mobile phone (I saw it firstly near Mr. Yumnam; I assumed it a quality cigarette Packet). Our lifestyle more or less became complicated at Devshree’s actions. She took help of us, earned a good sum through online businesses. This news at first became ‘Latin words’ to us and all our neighbors. Later, became handy as we were able to understand business subjects. The community had wonderful opportunities. All thanked and were grateful, firstly to god-whom they believed he sent Devshree Maibram and Khagendra Yumnam. Later, they appreciated their honest work that had been duly paid off. Being bold even on the ride, Mr. Yumnam once described is what they all are proud of. Their children now get quality education and better health facilities. The future pillars of our society, younger children are older at their thoughts, inspired by actions and works of Devshree. I myself had to thank her, for family she comes from flutters high with laurels. I personally feel blessed being an entrepreneur and responsible for running my family. Thank your grandmother, for your action is what we live on. Her, actions? Why Devshree Maibram was my Grandmother. Jameson, Dayananda, Anjali, granny and I belong to one family.


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