Who is Your Role Model?

When I think of a role model I think of someone who inspires, motivates and sets a good example of their selves.   One of my role models that fit that description is Jerry Piroch.  Jerry is a 49 year old man who is the president of American Legion Baseball, a coach for BC3 softball and my baseball coach.  One trait that Jerry has is that he has a good sense of humor.  During the summer, I worked for Jerry on his farm.  I would just do simple stuff like pick corn and bail hay or straw.  I have never worked on a farm in my life and Jerry showed me how to drive a tractor the first time.  All day I could not figure it out and I was getting frustrated and jerry told me a story about how when he was a kid he was trying to drive a tractor for the first time.  So one day he got it started and was driving it around and in on his farm is a huge ditch that six feet down and he drove right in to it and he did not know what to do so he just ran and never told anybody until his dad found the next morning.  Jerry didn’t get in trouble but it made me calm down and I finally learn to drive a tractor. Another trait that Jerry has is that he has inspiring and life changing stories.  For example, jerry would always tell stories on the way to baseball games or when we fish.  He would tell stories of his life that would inspires and learn from it. Jerry will always welcome someone and he is a very easy guy to get along with.  Those are reasons why I think Jerry Piroch is my role model.