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A Practical Use for Paper Chromatography

A Practical Use for Paper Chromatography By: Matthew Schweitzer Introduction: Chromatography is a major operation used in many different operations in chemistry.  Chromatography is a method of separation in which the components of a substance are separated and distributed between two phases which are the mobile phases and stationary phase.1 There are different methods of chromatography.  These include column chromatography, planar chromatography (paper chromatography), development chromatography, elution chromatography, retention chromatography, gas chromatography, and liquid chromatography.2  The experiment that was conducted […]

Separation & Identification of Alcohols by Gas Chromatography

Introduction This experiment explored aspects of gas chromatography to quantitatively and qualitatively study mixtures. This technique involves separating mixtures to gain a better understanding of the sample’s composition. Gas chromatography uses an injector port that feeds into one of two columns where the mixture is separated. The injected sample will be vaporized by the high temperature and travel down the column. The column itself comes in two varieties: packed and capillary. Packed columns are tubes that have particles that are […]