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Thin Layer Chromatography and Column Chromatography Experiment

Thin Layer & Column Chromatography By: Lisa Mickey Introduction                 Thin layer chromatography (also known as TLC) is the physical separation of a mixture into its individual components by distributing the components between a stationary phase (the porous TLC plate) and a mobile phase (the solvent that moves through the stationary phase and carries the material that needs to be separated.  The driving force to separate components is capillary action.  This method can be […]

Separating Fluorine and 9-fluroenone with TLC and Column Chromatography

Written by Alex Discussion: In this lab, both column chromatography and TLC chromotography were used to separate a mixture of fluorine and 9-fluroenone and detect their separation.  In the first part of the experiment, a proper solvent was experimentally found. Through process of elimination, the best solvent for the flourene/fluroenone mixture was found one at a time by performing a TLC chromatography with each solvent.  This is done by spotting a TLC plate on a line penciled in 1cm from […]