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Distillation – Lab Report

By: Victoria Anatsui Introduction: The purpose of this lab is to learn the important separation methods of distillation/fractional distillation. These methods separate miscible liquids by utilizing their differences in boiling point. Simple distillation is great for separating liquids with very large differences in boiling points while fractional distillation is better at separating liquids with closer boiling points. Procedure: We set up both a simple and fractional distillation apparatus with 60ml of a methanol/water mixture (Unknown Bottle C) in a 100ml […]

Simple and Fractional Distillation

The purpose of this experiment was to separate two liquids using Simple and Fractional Distillations. Separation by distillation works by manipulating the chemicals’ colligative properties and intermolecular forces. Reagents in the Experiment: Cyclohexane Toluene                                               Analysis: This experiment attempted to separate two liquids, cyclohexane and toluene. These chemicals have different intermolecular forces and therefore have dissimilar boiling points. […]