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Can an Sn1 Reaction be used to Convert an Alcohol to an Alkyl Halide?

Written by Brandon Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to use an SN1 reaction mechanism to synthesize t-butyl chloride (Alkyl Halide) from t-butyl alcohol. Structures:   Reaction Equation:   Reaction Mechanism:   Calculations: Mass of Main fraction = mass of Jar & sample – mass of jar; ex: 57.741-49.737=8.004 Percent Yield: (Actual/Theoretical)*100 ex: (8.004/14.72)*100 = 54.38% Results: Mass of 1oz. Jar: 49.737g Forerun Temperature: 40-44 Main Fraction Temperature: 44 Mass of jar and main fraction: 57.741g Mass of Main fraction: […]