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TLC Assessment of the pH-dependent Separation of a Mixture

Written by Robert Objective The purpose of this experiment was to analyze the purity of the benzoic acid, p-nitroaniline, and anthracene that were separated by pH-dependent extraction in the previous lab.  Purity tests were done using Thin Layer Chromatogrphy (TLC) on a silica gel substrate.  TLC is a technique used for separating a mixture of compounds.  This is done by first dissolving the compound (assumed to be initially solid) in a solvent such as dichloromethane, and then using a Pasteur pipet […]

Thin Layer Chromatography with Plant Pigments

Thin layer chromatography is an important analytical test for identifying unknown compounds, monitoring reactions, and testing chemical purity. The purpose of this experiment was to acquire the TLC technique. Chlorophyll: a common plant pigment Analysis Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is an essential analytical technique for organic experiments. It is a quick and simple method for determining the number of compounds in a mixture, identifying an unknown, testing purity, and monitoring reactions. These tests occur on chromatographic sheets, commonly constructed of alumina […]