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The Wittig Reaction – Formal Report

The Wittig Reaction – Formal Report By: Alexander Davies Introduction Alkenes are important initial building blocks in many organic synthesis routes, as shown by Scheme 1.1 It is paramount, therefore, that we have the ability to synthesize alkenes from other readily available, cheap material. Scheme 1: Examples of one-step reactions from an alkene starting material. This illustrates the huge diversity of olefin products; and as such the need to be stereoselective in how one can synthesise said functionality within a molecule. […]

The Wittig Reaction

Written by Michael Purpose:  The purpose of this experiment was to learn about the use of carbanions and stablilized carbanions in synthesis through performing a synthesis that constructs a carbon-carbon bond.  Another purpose of this experiment lies in the purification of an organic base using an acidic aqueous extraction. Experimental: All experimental procedure, observations, and data can be found in Appendix D. Results and Discussion: In the first step, we prepare triphenyl(4-pyridinylmethyl)phosphonium chloride.riphenyl(4-pyridinylmethyl)phosphonium chloride.  After the reaction ran to completion, […]