Analysis of “I Worked Hard for that Furrowed Brow” article about Botox

3) In “I Worked Hard for that Furrowed Brow,” the author’s final attitude towards aging is that she wants to age naturally and not have medicine, for example Botox, help her look younger than what she really is. The author wants to become outspoken and be able to express her emotions by no injecting Botox in her face.

3) The main idea of the essay is that women are taking botox to be able help them look younger. The author feels that people are taking botox in order to find approval from others when they do not have to. The thesis of the essay is “In fact, since 835,000 people have already had their foreheads injected with the paralyzing fluid that keeps them from being able to frown, I figure that somebody has to frowm for them .”

7) I think the conclusion was a good way to end because the author show her true opinion on the use of botox and how she against botox. She mentions how her goals is to become “an outspoken, maybe even outrageous, laugh-out-loud, nothing-left-to-lose old lady” without using botox.