Across the Spaghetti: The Meatballers

Across the Spaghetti: The Meatballers

“ARE YOU READYYY?! We have a great show, so big, that it is the greatest show EVERRR!!!” Would anybody like a show like that? Everyone who likes concerts would love this type. Therefore, they should come and see the Meatballers travel Across the Spaghetti. The band consists of some people coming from above, some people starting to head above, and some people who are staying with the earth. That band includes Adam Levine, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and Steve Smith. People should see the Meatballers’ tour because it includes people that make a SUPER GROUP, at concerts, people will receive certain foods and light shows for free, and all the concerts are non-lip syncing.

First of all, there are five famous people that make up one SUPER GROUP. If there are five people, they cause five times the excitement. When one person plays or sings, people really can’t do anything but watch that one person. But if five people perform, they get more interested crowds. Also, seeing legendary people is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If someone were to go to every concert, they would, almost guaranteed, say that each one is unique. That is how much each concert is different. Don’t forget, some of these singers and performers are some of the best ever. If a random person went up to them, they would automatically know three. Even though the other people are not recognized clearly, they still give out absolute entertainment. In Conclusion, people will get to see a fantastic group of singers and performers in one.

Secondly, the tour/concerts give out many free gifts, foods, and entertainment. Considering all of the free items given out during the show, people will get more than they paid. Everyone these days likes stuff for free. When someone goes to a concert, they would actually get more for free than what was paid for. Next, there is a light show or a fireworks display in the middle of the concert. After a couple of songs, there will be something flashy that gets the fan’s attentions. Then, a fireworks display may appear after a moment of silence. THEN, after the entertainment, more songs will pump up the crowd. Something else important is that t-shirts, raffle tickets, etc. will be given out through the concert. The t-shirts come in many different sizes, tickets get free pictures and autographs with the players, and also food will be given out. Some of the food includes MEATBALLS and Tacos. All in all, many different types of entertainment, aliment, and presents.

Finally, during the performances, there will be no lip syncing. One of the main things about not lip syncing is that the crowds will see a real performance. When people see real performance, they will spread it around. Spreading it around gets more interest, which then leads to more fans. Another reason is that people would be happy about themselves playing because it is a real concert. Nobody likes paying for something they can see on YouTube. With lip syncing, people would realize that the concert they paid for is a cheap setup. With the Meatballers, they would cause the exact opposite results with their fans. Also, when the band doesn’t lip sync, crowds won’t focus on the lips, just the song and dancing. A lot of times, people actually try to prove that the band is lip syncing. That just wastes their time because they won’t be able to catch up to the Meatballers traveling to another “noodle”. Just listening to the songs give people a good sense, but searching diminishes it. To sum it up, fans will hear the real bands real playing.

Overall, the Meatballers are a great band and give fans what they could want. And remember, they have some of the best performers known to man. Plus, there are 5 of them making a fab five, they give out valuables to the fans, and they are the band that plays like a band should. Nobody should let the Spaghetti go down so fast. Neither should the Meatballers’ feelings. BA DUM BSCHHH!!!!!

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