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Performance and deception in The Aspern Papers

Performance and deception in The Aspern Papers By: Fernanda Price In examining the role of theater and performance in Henry James’s The Aspern Papers, it is clear that the very nature of the novel is in itself a play. It’s as if all the characters are wearing theatrical masks and playing the roles they choose. Everything is theatrical- the way the characters behave, the dramatization of normal life and simple activities, and the set-like quality of the locations in which […]

Across the Spaghetti: The Meatballers

“ARE YOU READYYY?! We have a great show, so big, that it is the greatest show EVERRR!!!” Would anybody like a show like that? Everyone who likes concerts would love this type. Therefore, they should come and see the Meatballers travel Across the Spaghetti. The band consists of some people coming from above, some people starting to head above, and some people who are staying with the earth. That band includes Adam Levine, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and […]