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Nuclear Power – The Future of Energy

The Future of Energy   A famous physicist once said, “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” This physicist was Albert Einstein, the father of nuclear fission. Though it may have been contextually related to physics, this virtue can be applied towards our current energy crisis, and the means in which we contest it. That is, rather then looking for an energy source that appeals to what we want, we should use […]

Coal – Implications and Consumption

Coal With temperatures rising and ice melting, the issue of energy consumption and production has gained more and more attention. In the United States we have focused our attention to the most prevalent forms of our energy consumption, fossil fuels. In this assignment I was assigned a specific fossil: coal.  With over fifty percent of the nations electricity coming from coal fire power plants, it is important to realize the implication behind the coal consumption process. In today’s modern coal […]

Anhydrite Essay

Author Unknown Anhydrite is a mineral with an extremely close relationship to Gypsum.  Where Gypsum’s chemical composition is CaSO4 H2O, the structure of Anhydrite, which comes from the Greek word meaning “without water,” consists of CaSO4.  It can even turn into Gypsum if its exposed to water.  Anhydrite is primarily used in soil aditives for its calcium content.  It can also be used in paint and varnish as a drying agent.  Sometimes its also used in drywall. Anhydrite is found […]