Journal Entry for Dave Berry’s “Red, White, and Beer”

Journal Entry for Dave Berry’s “Red, White, and Beer”

Practice Journal—Dave Berry, “Red, White, and Beer”

In the beginning of “Red, White, and Beer”, Dave Berry is talking about how commercial are very patriotic and pro-American. Then, he goes on and gives examples of commercial that show pro-America like Chrysler with the winner of the Bruce Springsteen Sound-alike contest. Dave gets more specific on how beer commercials show the most pro-America, especially Miller. Dave also explains how Miller’s commercials have these burly American men who go round and shake each other’s hands in a violent and patriotic way. After Dave gives example of how beer commercial show patriotism, he then relates the commercial to himself and give one of his experiences he had. Dave then starts to conclude and wrap things up. Finally Dave ends the reading by giving an example of how other products, such as laxative, should give a very patriotic commercial.

While reading the story I connected with the author by actually seeing some of the commercial that he mentions in the story.

After reading the story I came upon some question. One question I have is why did the author decide to write about this topic or how did he come upon it? Another question I have is why did he choose the beer commercial and not any other patriotic commercials?
Word Count: 49

Something I liked about the story was when the author’s gave his the personal experience of when his friend was moving and he helps him. Especially, when the author says “instead of carrying The Wretch’s possessions manually down the stairs , simply dropping them out the window, down onto the street, where The Wretch was racing around, gathering up the broken pieces of his life.” Just imaging that is funny to me but actually seeing that as that occurred would be hilarious.

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