Opinion on Narcissism in “Mirror, Mirror on the Web”

Opinion on Narcissism in “Mirror, Mirror on the Web”

Mirror Mirror on the Web

-I can agree that the above statement is true. In 2000, when this poll was taken, reality television was just starting out. Reality television is pretty much about regular people, usually young adults, doing what they do every day and it is being recorded so people can watch it on TV. These people would get famous real quick for doing nothing. Even today people are addicted to Reality TV shows, like the Jersey Shore. The people off the Jersey shore got famous just from that show.

-In some way I buy the statement about our generation. Yeah, some people decided the most important person in their lives is them because they get carried away and too addicted to social networking sites like Twitter.

The authors explore how reality TV shows can entice ordinary people to dream of fame and fortune.

As kids come of age, some of them may be overvalued by their parents, who may refer to them as “little princesses” or “little princes”. Young girls may find themselves wearing makeup and attending spa appointments before they’ve left elementary school. Kids of both genders may aspire to be rich and famous over anything else when they grow up.

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