Student Essay on War Veterans: Praise Veterans

Student Essay on War Veterans: Praise Veterans

They’re the astonishing seeds in the core that represent family, friends, guardians, and many other things. And on the outside, there is the skin that protects everything. They are the fruit of our country. They fought for our freedom, and have risked their lives just to protect and keep us safe. Only people who are unselfish and have big hearts do dangerous stuff like that. There are tons of admirable compliments that I could tell you about veterans, but I like to tell you how they are tremendously brave and have huge hearts. Since I told you how veterans are very brave, I might as well explain why to you.

When I think of people at war, I think of how much dauntlessness they have. Just imagine risking your life for millions of people. You are a true hero when you do such kindness for us. I can’t imagine what it would feel like away from home for months and being with people you might not know. That wouldn’t feel good, but courage will make the problem less painful. Plus, you have no clue where you are and won’t know where to go because you are unseasoned. It’s like being in a bowl of fruit, you are packed in a area, you have all different sizes, colors, and different insides, some are sweet, some are sour and occasionally you will have a fruit that is bitter. Just like people. The unknown is very scary. Overall, I think that if you are stouthearted, you will go out and fight for our country.

Braveness isn’t just one thing that veterans have or had. They also have a humungous heart. They put their country first even though they have families that love them. They miss them horribly. I know this because every time they come off a plane from overseas, they run as fast as a cheetah to their families to give hugs and all of the love they have held in. It can really touch people’s hearts. Another way you know is that when they are on a ship or any other “boat” in the water, I know that whatever chance the veterans get, they try to contact their family. That’s how you know when they have a heart. Finally and most importantly, they are half way across the world for not just their families, but for every single person in the U.S.A. That proves that people like them have one of the most substantial hearts that I can ever imagine.

If you really think about what veterans have done for our country, you will know that they have done an abundance amount. I am not surprised that they have very big hearts and are 25 times as brave as most of us. I think that for the rest of our lives, they should be respected as much as possible and be treated without a doubt. I’m sure that I will always do that and even try to do as much as I can.

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