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Synthesis of 4-bromochalcone & 3-(4-bromophenyl)-5-phenylisoxazole

Written by: Ryan Castellente Abstract An acylation reaction was performed reacting benzene with acetyl chloride, resulting in the 61% yield of acetophenone. An aldol condensation reaction reacted the acetophenone with 4-bromobenzaldehyde. This reaction produced 65% yield of 4-bromochalcone. A bromination reaction was performed on the 4-bromochalcone, resulting in a 76% yield of 2,3-dibromo-3-(4-bromophenyl)-1-phenylpropan-1-one. The final reaction formed an isoxazole ring, resulting in a 95% yield of 3-(4-bromophenyl)-5-phenylisoxazole. The synthesis scheme is seen below. Introduction Isoxazoles have been of interest to […]