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Caffeine Isolation from Tea Bags

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the yield, percent recovery and melting point of caffeine isolated from tea bag. During the experiment, a tea bag was heated in boiling water for about 15 minutes. The resulting mixture was collected for the extraction of caffeine. Caffeine isolation was accomplished from the mixture using methylene chloride. This is because caffeine is more soluble in methylene chloride than in water. Sodium carbonate was also added to the mixture. This was […]

Isolation of Caffeine from Tea

The purpose of this experiment was to practice fundamental laboratory techniques by isolation of caffeine, from tea leaves. Camellia sinensis (tea) Caffeine Analysis (Isolation of Caffeine) This experiment was conducted to study the simple isolation of an alkaloid and to train with fundamental laboratory equipment like the separatory funnel and distillation apparatus. Ten commercial tea bags (23.06 grams) were used for the extraction. Boiling water (~275 mL) was used to extract caffeine from the solid leaves. This was the most efficient solvent […]