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Extraction of Benzoic Acid

EXTRACTION OF BENZOIC ACID By: Berry Begg Abstract: The experimental goal and purpose for this experiment was to use the primary extraction techniques to separate benzoic acid from a mixture containing cellulose, a natural polymer of glucose, and methyl orange. A new technique utilized during this experiment was extraction. The overall results were skewed because of error during the lab like not allowing the crystals to properly dry. Introduction: This experiment required the extraction of benzoic acid from a mixture of […]

Separating Benzoic Acid, 4-choloraniline and cholesterol using extraction

Written by Brandon Ritter What does it mean to “work up” an organic reaction? Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to separate benzoic acid, 4-choloraniline and cholesterol using extraction. Reaction Equations: Missing 🙁 Structures: Calculations: Missing 🙁 Results: Benzoic Acid: Melting Point: 121.9-123.1⁰C Mass: 0.369g 4-chloroaniline: Melting Point: 68.6-70.2⁰C Mass: 0.043g Cholesterol: Melting Point: 146.7-147.2⁰C Mass: 0.205g Discussion: Our percent recovery for benzoic acid was really good, we got a lot more recovered benzoic acid product than expected. We got slightly […]