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Comparing the Influence of Caffeine on the Metabolism of Goldfish (Carassius Auratus Auratus)

Written by Aida Introduction Metabolism has been a topic of interest for all living organisms. Many factors can affect the rate of a living being’s metabolism. Both ectotherms and endotherms differ in the way they control their temperature and so how they manipulate their metabolism. It is particularily interesting how poikilothermic organisms are affected by their surrounding environment. Indeed, Dr. Richard P. Brown investigated that body size has minimal direct influence on body-air temperature difference in ectoderms. Additionally, he discusses […]

Characterization and Isolation of Caffeine: Lab Analysis

Written by Jennifer Purpose The experiment was carried out to extract caffeine from tea leaves (Isolation of Caffeine). The experimental procedure was carried out in four weeks. In the first week, two tea bags were used together with anhydrous sodium carbonate to make a solution with water. The tea solution was allowed to cool. In the second week, dichloromethane was added to the solution in three portions in a separatory funnel which formed two layers and the aqueous caffeine layer […]

Acid-Base extraction of an Analgesic Tablet

The purpose of this experiment was to practice technique and acid-base extraction by separating and purifying the components of a common analgesic tablet. Analysis The purpose of this experiment was to separate and purify the components of an analgesic tablet. Furthermore, the separations allowed for practice of acid-base extractions. This experiment tested laboratory technique, considering that the pill used, Excedrin, contains only milligrams of the drugs to be separated: acetaminophen, caffeine, and aspirin (see Table A for acid/base comparison by […]