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Wittig Synthesis of Alkenes

Purpose: To synthesize E,E-1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene via Wittig reaction (Wittig Synthesis) using Benzyl triphenylphosphonium chloride and cinnamaldehyde in sodium methoxide. Reaction Equation(s):2     Procedure:2   A suspension of anhydrous methanol (1.0 mL), benzyl triphenylphosphonium chloride (0.7508 g, 1.9308 mmol), cinnamaldehyde (0.2415 g, 1.8273 mmol, 0.23 mL) and sodium methoxide (2.4 mL, 4.8 mmol, 2M) was stirred at 21˚C for 30 min. The crude product was isolated via semi-microscale vacuum filtration for 15 min. and rinsed with cold methanol and water. The […]

Crystallization; Decolorization; Identification of an Unknown using Mel-Temp

The purpose of this experiment was to develop new laboratory techniques and apply them by purifying and identifying an unknown. Table 1: Reagents in the Experiment Compound Ethanol Acetone Toluene Other Designation Grain Alcohol Dimethylformaldehyde Methylbenzene Compound Class Non-Polar Polar Covalent Polar Covalent Lewis Structure Boiling Point 78 degrees Celcius 56 degrees Celcius 110.6 degrees Celcius Melting Point -114.1 degrees Celcius -95 degrees Celcius -95 degrees Celcius Specific Gravity 0.79 g/cm3 0.79  g/cm3 0.86 g/cm3 Water Solubility Miscible Complete Insoluble […]