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Heat Transfer – Pool Boiling in a Saturated Liquid

Heat Transfer – Pool Boiling in a Saturated Liquid By: Josh Lashbrook Abstract Experiment No. 5, Pool Boiling in a Saturate Liquid, was conducted in order to verify the boiling curve for nitrogen at 1atm, as well as walk through the steps of its original creation. The lab was done using liquid nitrogen and a two submerged copper spheres of different size. Nitrogen was used because of its extremely low boiling point. If water would have been used, time would […]

Heat Transfer Lab Experiment

Heat is the transfer of energy between matter due to differences in temperature. In this experiment, heat transfer was studied by calorimetry. The mixing of warm and cool water was observed, as well as the experimental latent heat of fusion. Data: Mixing Warm and Cold Water Table Mass of Empty Graduated Cylinder 86.9 grams Trial 1 Trial 2 Mass of Graduated Cylinder and Cold Water 136.00 g 136.15 g Mass of Cold Water 49.10 g 49.25 Temperature C, Probe 1 […]