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Column Chromatography and TLC

Written by Lyudamila Introduction: The method used for purification of chemical compounds or establishing how many different compounds a mixture carries or determining a chemical mixture’s polarity is widely known as chromatography. The basic principle of chromatography is to separate certain compounds based on their structure, ability to hydrogen bond and polarity between the stationary phase and mobile phase. There are different types of chromatography devices used and various techniques of separation that are applied to separate chemical mixtures. Here, […]

Thin Layer and Column Chromatography

Written by Nicolas Introduction In chemistry, the separation of a mixture of various compounds into separate compounds is an invaluable tool. Often times a reaction may produce an unwanted product in addition to the desired product, or one component of a mixture may need to be removed after a reaction is completed to analyze the reaction products. Out of all methods to separate compounds, Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and Column Chromatography are some of most effective. TLC is typically used […]