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Recrystallization and Identification of Unknown

Abstract: In this lab an unknown, contaminated organic compound, ā€œEā€, was given to be purified and identified. The compound was identified to be N-Phenysuccinimide, because it had a melting range of 154.3-155.5 degrees Celsius. When the purified compound was mixed with known N-Phenylsuccinimide, the melting range was not depressed at all confirming the results. An appropriate solvent was found among water, acetone, ethanol and toluene by doing small-scale solubility tests. To purify the N-Phenylsuccinimide, it was dissolved in hot ethanol, […]

Bromination of Cholesterol and Debromination: Purification of Cholesterol

Written by: Nicholas Connor The purpose of this experiment was to understand alkene-halide reactions by purifying commercial cholesterol. Analysis The purpose of this experiment was to remove the impurities present in commercial cholesterol; to yield pure 5-Cholesten-3B-ol. Bromination was the method chosen to remove traces of 3B-cholestanol, 7-cholesten-3b-ol, and 5,7-cholestadien-3B-ol that were assumed to be present in the sample used. The net reaction of bromination follows: To begin removing the impurities, the cholesterol sample (0.97 g) was dissolved in tert-butyl-methyl-ether […]