Alcohol Used For the Wrong Reasons

Alcohol Used For the Wrong Reasons

Alcohol, specifically Bacardi Rum, is the drug that will be talked about all through my paper. It is frequently used for the wrong purposes and like the commercial that I am writing about is used to have a good time, especially at a party. This drug often is used to “help” depression, and is highly looked negatively upon by doctors.

My commercial that I found on YouTube is based around what it looks like a classier party. A man in his mid twenties sets his drink down after finishing it. He then walks through the groups of people at the party on his mission to get to the bar, to get another Bacardi Rum drink. As the commercial continues, those groups of people start to change into certain years. When the male reaches the bar it shows a drink being made using Bacardi Rum. The final statement of how Mojito’s have been made the same best way since the start sounds is an opinion. This is misleading because not everyone may enjoy a Mojito made from Bacardi Rum, some may believe that a different type of rum could replace it. This commercial is sort of trying to tell whoever is watching that by drinking it, they will have a better time somewhere. This however is again not true to many, some may have the opinion that beer is the way to go at a party; some may not prefer to drink at all. Both of these things are very similar but very important to note.

According to the article I found, Attendance at alcohol-free and alcohol-service parties and alcohol consumption among college students, it was tallied how much was drank (alcohol wise) between two parties. In total the amount of people surveyed was roughly 500 students, who were observed different styles of parties, and the amount of alcohol consumed. Finally, the end result of the study showed that freshman and African American students had a better chance to be seen at a party without alcohol then with. However, the end result of this was the same amount of alcohol was found between students who went to “real” parties versus a party with no alcohol provided (Barnett et al, 2010).

The commercial statements and the ones found in my research are both similar in the fact that both state that partying is more “fun” is alcohol is served. The commercial clearly shows people having a good time with their friends, all while drinking a mixed drink of Bacardi Rum. While the article, that I found states that students are twice as likely to be seen at a party that is known to have alcohol. The advertisement in general is misleading, especially when it says that Bacardi Rum makes the best drinks, like which I stated before. The article that was found shows great evidence that alcohol does make a party more fun and relaxed. The only thing that could and should be fixed would be the final statement and original motto of “Since 1862 the best Mojitos have always been made the same way, Bacardi. The original Majito.”



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