Amazing Story – Telekinetic (fiction)

Amazing Story – Telekinetic (fiction)


So I guess I should start with an introduction.  Well, I’m not a pro at introductions, but I’ll do my best so just cope with me.  To start off, my name is Lissa.  Want the full name?  It’s Lissa Marie Garvey.  Nothing big, nothing fancy, but I like it.  I also have a huuuge secret, I’m telekinetic.  For those of you who don’t have a clue what that is, it is the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, sometimes in ways not visible to the naked eye.  Ooh, Ahh, yes I know it’s all very interesting.  It’s not really that big of a deal to me because I’ve been able to do it all my life, so I don’t know life without it, to me it’s like walking, and talking, it’s something I do every day.

Now I guess I should tell you about my family.  Well, my dad’s name is Arthur.  Without him, my life would be much different than it is now…he and my best friends are the only people who know about my telekinesis.  He used to be a businessman, but now he doesn’t do anything.  No one does.  No one goes to work anymore, no businesses are open, it’s crazy but I’ll get into all that fun stuff later.

Now, let me tell you a bit about that special woman that I call my mother.  My mom’s name is Kelyn.  She’s also incredibly important to me, but I guess we just don’t bond as much as dad and I do.  I mean, it’s not like she even knows that I’m telekinetic.  I know what you’re thinking, “your own mother doesn’t know about your powers?”  Yeah you got that right, she doesn’t know and I don’t plan on telling her.  See my mom is a sensitive lady, and she doesn’t really believe in paranormal things, she’s a pretty straight laced kind of person.  So my dad and I reckon it’s better for us all just to keep that little detail between us and the twins.  But anyway, she’s really sweet and I love her just as much as I love my dad.

I’m an only child, but I’m certainly not some kind of pampered princess, I’m a down to earth chick, trust me.  I have two best friends, which happen to be twins, Sadie and Kate.  Sadie has wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and is exactly the same height as me, which is way cool.  Kate has blue eyes and blonde hair like her sister, but her hair is pin straight.  Another absolutely ahhhmazing fact about these chicks is that they are like me!  Ha, and what I mean by that is that their personalities are like mine, and they have cool powers or attributes as I like to call ‘em.

Sadie can understand and speak any form of language, which is pretty sweet.  Think of this, if she really wanted to, she could listen to what things like ants were talking about to one another.  See, I told ya it was awesome.  Kate also has a power, she can manipulate people’s memories, which means she can erase or enhance other people’s memories, and can also view the memories as well.  Jeez those girls just amaze me more and more everyday!  But anyways, they are the best and only friends I have.  Plus, all the other people in this town are starting to freak me out now anyway, and I don’t really trust a single one of them.  Now you’re probably thinking jeez, what a dork, she doesn’t have hardly any friends, can you say l-o-s-e-r.  It’s not like that.  It’s more for my own protection really, I promise.  The twins are the only other two non-related people I can trust.  So I guess you wanna hear about the strange stuff going on here?  Alright, well it all started about three months ago, give or take a few weeks.  Anyways, at first it was nothing big.  A few businesses went out, a few people “moved” away, nothing big, and no one thought much of it.  But then things did start getting a bit stranger.  People started acting different, not anything like themselves.  Some people started forgetting who their friends and families were, some began to hate things they had loved all their lives, and some became very aggressive, and posed a threat for anyone nearby, which is pretty much everyone in town since it’s so small.  More and more businesses locked their doors each day, and by now there aren’t any businesses left open.  That’s why dad doesn’t have his job anymore.  His company was one of the first to close, his boss, one of my dad’s dearest friends, went clinically insane.  Not kidding in the slightest way.  He went to the roof of the office building and stripped down to nothing (yes, yuck!) and screamed like a mad man, and jumped to his death.  It was really tragic, and the whole town was shook up about it, well all the people who were still themselves anyway.  I know my whole family was.  I think my dad’s a bit upset about it still.  But things lately, aren’t in the slightest bit normal.  Even the animals in town know things are wrong.  They don’t make any noise at all anymore, and keep as far away from all of us humans as possible.  Truthfully, I don’t blame them at all, heck, the only people I will get within fifty feet of are my parents, and the twins.  Some people in this town still don’t think anything has gone wrong, which I think is incredibly pathetic.  I mean, all these people missing, every business shut down, something is obviously going on.  It would take someone with half of a brain to figure that one out.  But the twins and I realize what’s going on and we are determined to stop it.  I know, don’t get ahead of ourselves, don’t you worry about us, we’ll take care of us and you take care of you.  I spend most of my time sitting on the roof with the twins, thinking of schemes to get this place back to normal.  Thus far, none of our plans have been super great, but hey we’re working on it.  Well how about we skip ahead to the way things are now.


Chapter 1; 3 Months Later

            The wind whipped across my face, which was probably good for me.  It kept me from drifting off to sleep, which I had been doing slowly, but yet steadily, for the past half hour.  I don’t feel safe going to sleep though.  Not at this time, and especially not in this town.  Not with all that has been going on lately.  I for one, don’t want to go missing, or lose my memory, or turn completely and totally different than how I am now.  This town used to be peaceful; I used to like it here, now it’s just miserable.  I’m always worried, and my telekinesis seems to be malfunctioning lately, which surely isn’t a good sign, not when I need it now the most.  I feel so useless, I feel like the cowardly lion, scared and frightened.  Breathe in, breathe out.  The twins need me, they need me.  We are the only ones who can find out what’s going on, we’re a team, all the members matter.  I have got to calm down and face reality.  Our town is doomed unless we react, the sooner the better.  Mom has been acting strange lately, unlike herself, even dad agrees with me.  The twins are coming over later today to investigate the situation too.  Oh dear, I honestly don’t know what to do.  My own mother is becoming an outsider, my sweet, innocent mom.   If she gets much worse we have to take her to the town hall…that’s were all of ‘them’ are being kept.

Four Hours Later

Kate and Sadie are here now, and we decided we’re staying with each other almost twenty four seven.  It’s safer if we’re together.  Mom has gotten worse.  Today at dinner she forgot my name.  She went to ask me to pass the bread and said, “Lila, could you pass the butter?”  Then right after that the thing must have realized that wasn’t my name.  She ran from the table.  Dad and I are worried, and so are the twins.  It looks like mom is going to be spending a lot of time in town hall if things don’t clear up.  I feel like crying.  The room is so silent right now.  Sadie, Kate and I are all keeping to ourselves.  Kate is over in the corner reading the book that I swear she’s read about a billion and two times, ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’.  On the opposite side of the room, Sadie’s sitting on my bed staring out the window, probably listening to creatures’ conversations outside.  Sometimes I wish I had her power, it’d sure help to entertain me.  Well I guess there is something I could try…using all my concentration I focus on the curtains, which Sadie had pulled back so she could see clearly, and try to get them to close h.  One second, two seconds, three seconds… thirty seconds… my head is beginning to hurt.  Is the curtain ever going to close?  When my telekinesis is working well it takes about a hundredth of a second to work.  Staring harder than before, I am picturing it closing.  Yessss!  Finally I got it to close!  “Hey,” Sadie said with a smile.  “Looks like you still got it!”  We all laughed.  Now that we had broken the silence, maybe we could carry out a conversation.  “Sooo….” Kate spoke in her soft voice as she reluctantly closed her beloved Harry Potter.  “Whatcha guys wanna talk about?”  “Well, I was thinking…maybe we should work on a plan.  I know we have come up with thousands but I have a really good feeling.”  Sadie answered, and looked questionably at Kate and I.  “Okay, that sounds good.”  I said cheerfully, hopefully her feeling is right.  “So where should we start…hmm…ooh, I know!  We could…” but what Sadie though we could do, Kate and I never found out, for my dad’s bloodcurdling scream interrupted us.  Yeah, you heard me right, my dad’s!  “You are not Kelyn!  You are not my wife!” we heard my dad yell from the kitchen.  “Guys, come on,” I motioned to Kate and Sadie.  My dad never yells, so something is terribly wrong.  Cautiously, we peek around the door frame.  What we are seeing is about one of the scariest things imaginable, definitely horror film worthy.  My ‘mom’ was standing on the kitchen table with the old cleaver in her hand, with the most sadistic smile on her face that I have ever seen.  My dad was lying on the floor, defenseless…unmoving.  Oh my god, I whispered to myself.  “Sadie, No!” Kate yelled at her sister, trying to grab her as she pushed into the kitchen.  The outsider’s eyes immediately locked on Sadie.  Sadie was simply standing there, looking curiously at the thing.  A strange, foreign language escaped the outsider’s lips, “sasgua pixualla, sasgua pixualla!!” she spat at Sadie.  Still, Sadie stood her ground.  “I can understand you, for your information,” Sadie responded calmly to the thing, “and I know you can understand English.  No need to speak in that silly language.”  The thing now has a look on her face…she’s afraid.  Kate and I look at Sadie’s eyes and all we can see is murder.  Moving fast, very fast, Sadie yanks the knife from the outsider’s hand.  If I didn’t know Sadie any better I would say she is about to stab my mother.  Oh my goodness, she better not.  That thing may have taken over, but my mother is inside of there!  She is going to do it…no.  This cannot happen!  “Sadie!” I yell, my voice is shaky and tears are streaming down my face.  This is all too much.  My mother has been taken over, and my father may be dead as we speak!  Sadie turns to me and mouths “don’t worry”.  Oh my Sadie…she actually has a plan.  I find myself saying this quite a lot lately, but this chick amazes me.  “If you know what’s good for you at all” Sadie spoke to the thing, almost touching her with the cleaver, “you will leave this poor woman’s body right now,” Sadie growled.  The creature didn’t move but inside spoke in an icy voice.  “Little girl, you honestly think you can get me out?  I am not scared of you.  I am not scared of any of you silly humans.”  “You’ve made a bad choice there!” Kate screamed, stepping in front of Sadie.  Kate’s eyes were now full of concentration, and Sadie and I both knew what she was doing.  She was intruding the thing’s memories.  A brief second later, the thing fell down, sound asleep.  “What did you do?!”  I gasped, giving Kate a piercing look.  “She thinks she is an infant.  I changed all her memories, all of them now are from when she was a baby.  All of her current ones are wiped from her mind,” Kate answered calmly, her smile full of happiness.  Whoa, you have to admit, these girls really are genius.  A thought suddenly burst into my mind.  Things weren’t all sunshine and daisies…my dad was still lying lifeless on the floor as we speak.  Gah, why does this kind of stuff happen to me?  My mom gets taken over by some unknown creature, and then my dad gets attacked by the freakin’ thing!  Aw, hell.  Is there some rule in that if a kid has some type of super natural power that they get about a billion challenges thrown at them just cuz they have something different about ‘em?  Jeez, I’m honestly starting to wonder.  And I really wanna meet whoever came up with this rule.  Ha.  Oh, yeah maybe I should be more focused on seeing if my dad is breathing.  “Sadie…you’re closest to him…and I would rather not look…” I said, with my back turned to Sadie, Kate, and my dad.  “Could you, er, you know…see if he’s alive?” I asked, I sure have a considerable amount of panic in my voice.  I started tapping my foot, just because it gave me something to focus on.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  Okay this doesn’t work…it’s just boring and I feel idiotic doing it.  “Sadie…” I spoke softly, barely above a whisper.  Maybe she didn’t hear me.  “Lissa, he’s gonna be alright” Sadie replied to me.  Yes!  I guess I get to have a little bit of luck after all.

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