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Lab Report: E. Coli transformation with GFP

E.Coli by Definition: a bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and other animals, where it usually causes no harm. Some strains can cause severe food poisoning, especially in old people and children. What organism does this lab attempt to transform? This lab attempts to transform bacterial E. Coli. In the context of this lab, what do we mean when we say a cell is competent? Cellular competence is the ability of a cell to take up genetic material […]

Lab Parts: Ball Toss & Fluid Resistance

Introduction In this experiment, a motion detector was used to collect distance, velocity, and acceleration data for different types of balls being thrown straight up in the air. Like a juggler who tosses a ball straight upward, each ball slows down on it’s path to maximum height, then begins to speed up on it’s way down. The concept is that there is a definite mathematical pattern to the changes in velocity, which will be reinforced by experimentation. Analysis (2) How […]