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Journal Entry for Dave Berry’s “Red, White, and Beer”

Practice Journal—Dave Berry, “Red, White, and Beer” Recapping: In the beginning of “Red, White, and Beer”, Dave Berry is talking about how commercial are very patriotic and pro-American. Then, he goes on and gives examples of commercial that show pro-America like Chrysler with the winner of the Bruce Springsteen Sound-alike contest. Dave gets more specific on how beer commercials show the most pro-America, especially Miller. Dave also explains how Miller’s commercials have these burly American men who go round and […]

Rate Law Determination of a Crystal Violet Reaction

Objective: To determine the reaction order with respect to crystal violet and determine the rate constant and half life for the reaction: [CV+ + OH– Þ CVOH]. Procedure: (1) Calibrate the Colorimeter with distilled water. (2) Prepare a solution with 10ml each of the provided CV and OH. (3) Let solution stand for 3 minutes before beginning (4). (4) Place solution in Colorimeter and record data point with software. (5) Remove solution for one minute. (6) Repeat steps (4-5) twenty […]

Determining Equilibrium Constant for Thiocyanatoiron

Objective Determine the equilibrium constant Kc for the chemical reaction: Fe3+(aq) + SCN–(aq) ß à FeSCN2+(aq) Procedure 0.0020M Fe(NO3)3 (ml) 0.0020M KSCN (ml) H2O (ml) 5 2 3 5 3 2 5 4 1 5 5 0 18 (0.2M) 2 0 (1)  Calibrate the colorimeter. (2)  Prepare five test tubes with the designated solutions: (3)  Measure each solution using the colorimeter and computer software. (4)  Record an observation of the solution temperature. (5)  Calculate the average equilibrium constant for the […]

Analysis of an Unknown Alcohol Lab Experiment

Analysis: Utilizing the Lab Pro software, we were able to observe a very accurate real-time change in the freezing point of the T-Butyl alcohol after adding an unknown. This change in freezing point was used to calculate the molality of the unknown, as well as it’s molar mass by using it’s measured weight. Comparing the molar mass of the unknown to the chart, it was obvious that the unknown was Isopropyl alcohol, which has a molar mass of 60.1 (g/mol), […]

Quantifying Vitamin C Levels in Flavorite’s “Grapefruit Juice”

Analysis of Vitamin C in Juice Product, Data in Slides 12-14 (1) Molarity of Standard Ascorbic Acid Solution Standard Solution of AA = (0.05 (g AA/100mL) x 1000mL)/176.1(g AA/mol) = 2.84 x 10-3 M (2) Molarity of DCP Solution Standard Solution of DCP = (2.84×10-5mol DCP/33.57mL DCP) x 1000mL = 8.50×10-4 M in Trial 1 (3) Mass of Ascorbic Acid Titrated in Juice Sample Ascorbic Acid Mass Titrated in Juice = ((8.5×10-4) mol DCP/1000mL) x (13.61 mL DCP) x (176.1 […]

Titration of a Diprotic Acid Lab Steps

Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to determine an unknown diprotic acid by examining its molecular weight using titration. Procedure: (1) Dissolve 0.120 g of the unknown in 100 mL of distilled water. (2) Place the 250 mL beaker ontop of a magnetic stir plate, and suspend a pH electrode into the solution using a ring stand. (3) Fill buret to 0 mL level with sodium hydroxide, prepare computer software. (4) Wait for pH to stabilize then keep data […]