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Determination of the Iron Content in a Vitamin Tablet Using Visible Spectrometry (partial lab)

Written by Arturo Objectives: To determine the amount of iron in a vitamin tablet using visible spectrometry. Introduction Many compounds form colored solutions. Potassium permanganate solutions are purple, many copper(II) solutions are blue, and most nickel(II) solutions are green. If a solution is colored, a species within it is absorbing part of light in the visible region. A graph of absorbance, the amount of light absorbed by a species at different wavelengths is called an absorption spectrum. A similar graph may be […]

Fluorenone Reduction

Written by Kevin Abstract: This experiment will observe the reduction of fluorenone to fluorenol (Fluorenone Reduction) through thin-layer chromatography. This reduction will be monitored at different time intervals and under different solvent concentrations to be compared with two reference solutions of fluorenone and fluorenol. In the end, a general trend will be seen between the solvent system used with different concentrations of MeOH and THF and the total length of time for the reaction to go to completion. Experimental Section: Fluorenone […]

Solvent Extraction Utilized to Separate an Organic Mixture

Written by Karl Aim/Purpose This lab is designed to give the student an understanding of laboratory techniques utilized to isolate a certain compound form impurities or mixture of substances. Solvent extraction utilizes the solubility characteristics of organic substances to separate compounds from the various mixtures. Furthermore, Thin Layer Chromatography helps the student identify the mobility of different compounds as well as the purity of the isolated compounds. Theory The solvent extraction process is composed of three main steps: dissolving the compound; […]

Aspirin Synthesis and Analysis

Written by Lola Before humans had the luxury of pain relievers and pharmaceutical drugs, many relied on the curing effects of willow tree bark, which was either chewed or boiled and used to relieve fevers and inflammation. Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, is a familiar drug, used for relieving cold and flu symptoms, fevers, and general aches and pains in the body, and, as made clear by its chemical formula, contains salicin – a chemical found in willow bark. In the following […]

Basic Measuring Devices

Written by Kassandra Objective: The objective of this experiment was to learn about the different measuring devices that are used in a Chemistry lab, such as volume devices and electronic balances. In addition, to learn how to record measurements correctly.   Methods: The first part of our lab was to read and record the right volume of different measuring devices we had on our lab bench. This was to unsure that we could record measurements correctly with the correct number […]

Column Chromatography and TLC

Written by Lyudamila Introduction: The method used for purification of chemical compounds or establishing how many different compounds a mixture carries or determining a chemical mixture’s polarity is widely known as chromatography. The basic principle of chromatography is to separate certain compounds based on their structure, ability to hydrogen bond and polarity between the stationary phase and mobile phase. There are different types of chromatography devices used and various techniques of separation that are applied to separate chemical mixtures. Here, […]