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The Comparison of Responses of the Same Level of Exercise on the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure of Boys and Girls

By: Joyce Acen Introduction: Question: Will the girls’ and boys’ responses to the same level of exercise differ on its effect to their heart rate and blood pressure? Background: The functions of the human cardiopulmonary physiology can be broken down into the circulatory system and the respiratory system. The main goal of these two systems is to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis can be described as a type of condition where the internal continuity of an individual has to keep steadiness, regardless […]

Case Study in Prepatellar Bursitis

Case Study in Prepatellar Bursitis By: Julia Trimble Introduction: Surrounding large synovial joints are small fluid-filled sacs composed of fibrous connective tissue called Bursa Sacs.  They are found in any area that ligaments and tendons articulate with bones or skin.[1]  Some Bursae are superficial and they separate bone from the subcutaneous layer of the skin while thers lay behind or within synovial joints.  Bursae are lined with synovial tissue containing a viscious, nutrient-rich liquid called synovial fluid.1  This fluid acts […]

Measles Outbreaks and Measle Vaccine Refusal

The endemic transmission of measles virus was declared eliminated from the United States in 2000 as a result of strong vaccination coverage. In recent years,  measle vaccine coverage has waned due to parents’ lack of personal experience with the virus and their misperceptions of vaccine safety [1]. Measles remains endemic abroad and therefore the risk of the virus being imported endures. An afflicted traveler is often the origin of a larger outbreak [2-8]. In 2011, 222 people in the US […]