My Fear of English Class

My Fear of English Class

Everybody had a worst subject in high school, whether it math, science or physical education. They try there hardest but they still just cannot get the hang of it. When I was going through the education system my worst subject happened to be English.

Ever since the beginning of high school, I never fully understood English. “During the teen-age years the well documented phenomenon of “math anxiety” strikes girls who never had any problem handling numbers during earlier schooling. Some men, too. Experience this syndrome—a form of panic, akin to a phobia…” (Jacoby 283). Well I can relate to it when I started high school. It all started when I was in seventh grade and my teacher was Mrs. Jordan. She was the nicest teacher ever but when it came to doing grammar and sentences structures, I hated it because it made me frustrated. I never had this problem in elementary school. I would try and practice at home and get it, but when it came to the test I would get confused and mix things up. This also happened throughout high school. I would learn the material, but when it came to the test I would mix terms up and confused myself. This affected my performance in school because when I got my test back I would not do so well and after a while I got frustrated and I had to do something about it. So I tried some solutions. The first thing I did was to try to avoid English. “The decision to avoid advanced biology chemistry, physics and calculus in high school automatically restricts academic and professional choices that ought to be wide open to anyone beginning college.”(Jacoby 283). Well that plan did not work out because English was in all of my other classes and I need it for college. So my final solution was to just practice and learn in my own way. In other classes I had to write reports and I needed to know the proper way to use English in order to do well on my report. So this forces me to learn the proper grammar and how to make a complete sentence without errors. This helped along the way because I would practice English even more and it helped me get comfortable with it.

Now that I am in college, my fear of English has gone away and I now do not have a problem with English. Everybody had a subject that they had difficulty in but with a little practice it might help take the difficulties away as it did for me.

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