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Determination of Copper and Lead in Brass

Determination of Cu and Pb in Brass By:  T.A. Alicia Smith Introduction             In this experiment, four different methods were used in determining the concentration of copper and lead presence in the unknown brass sample #10. Methods of High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and atomic absorbance spectroscopy were used to measure both copper and lead concentration in the unknown brass while the Gravimetric analysis was used solely to determine the lead concentration. The anodic stripping voltammetric method was also used to […]

The Determination of Copper in Pennies

The Determination of Copper in Pennies By: Brooke Carmack Abstract:  The percent composition of copper was analyzed for both pre and post 1982 pennies.  This was determined by iodometric titration analysis.   1.0  Introduction: In this experiment, two pennies were analyzed.  One of the pennies was pre-1982 while the other was post 1982.  This was performed due to the change in the amount of copper used for pennies after 1982.  Pennies before 1982 were made to contain 95% copper and […]