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Thermodynamics and Equilibrium Experiment

Thermodynamics and Equilibrium By: Omish Samaroo   Introduction The goal of this experiment is to determine the value of an equilibrium constant at different temperatures and use these data to calculate the enthalpy and entropy of reaction. The value of an equilibrium constant for a reaction varies, depending on the temperature. In endothermic reactions, the value of K increases as the temperature increases because heat can be thought of as a reactant. In exothermic reactions, and the value of K decreases […]


I. Purpose To study how stress affects a system’s equilibrium and to determine the concentration of the complex ion in solutions of unknown concentration as well as the equilibrium constant. Procedure LeChatelier’s Principle Part 1 Solid sodium chloride was poured into a test tube and the test tube was then filled ¾ full of distilled water.  The solution was then decanted into a second test tube and Cl– ions in the form of concentrated HCl were added. Part 2 A […]