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Using the Grignard Reaction to Prepare Triphenylmethanol

Using the Grignard Reaction to Prepare Triphenylmethanol By: Alexis Huddleston Abstract             Grignard reagents are considered to be organometallic reagents and are therefore usually strong Lewis bases and function as good nucleophiles. In anhydrous reaction conditions, the formation of Grignard reagents can occur when the reagent is reacted with an organic halide. As demonstrated in the lab, phenylmagnesium bromide, an organic halide, can react with methyl benzoate along with the Grignard reagent to produce triphenylmethanol. Since Grignard reagents are extremely […]

Nucleophilic addition of propane to p-tolualdehyde through the Grignard reaction

Written by Jacob Barlow Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to synthesize a Grignard reagent (Grignard Reaction) from 2-bromopropane which is then used to synthesize 2-methyl-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-ol from p-tolualdehyde and the created Gringard reagent.  The product was then purified using liquid-liquid extraction and rotary evaporation.  It was then identified using infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Chemical Equation: This is the chemical equation for the creation of the Grignard reagent. This is the chemical equation of the reaction of the […]