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Answered Questions about “The Globalization of Eating Disorder”

Comprehension: 1) Bordo defines body-image distortion syndrome to be someone who is an extreme perfectionist with a hyper-demanding mother that suffers from severe perceptual and cognitive problems that “normal” girls do not share. Then the author gives examples, such as Black, Asian or Latina, of what people do not picture this syndrome to be. 3) According to the author, we should deal with globalization of eating disorder by dealing with the culture around us and what it is teaching our […]

Body Images, Eating Disorders, and Cultural Imperialism

An eating disorders comes from a number of factors such as psychological, physical, and social issues. “Media images that help to create cultural definitions of beauty and attractiveness are often acknowledged as being among those factors contributing to the rise of eating disorders”(Media). American Media affects people in America as well as other countries by exporting potentially unhealthy images of the human body. First, the people that live in America are affected by their own media. Media can be brought […]