Answered Questions about “The Globalization of Eating Disorder”

Answered Questions about “The Globalization of Eating Disorder”

1) Bordo defines body-image distortion syndrome to be someone who is an extreme perfectionist with a hyper-demanding mother that suffers from severe perceptual and cognitive problems that “normal” girls do not share. Then the author gives examples, such as Black, Asian or Latina, of what people do not picture this syndrome to be.

3) According to the author, we should deal with globalization of eating disorder by dealing with the culture around us and what it is teaching our children. One big concern is the media and movies. The media and movies are watch all over the world. In the media and movies people are skinny and not fat which people see that and think that they need to change. This causes big a big problem because children see this and try to change and then develop an eating disorder.

1) In the essay, I think the author does not really establish herself as an authority figure. She brings up the topic but does not really demand anything other than pay attention to our culture around us and find the good and bad of what is teaching out children and then we can develop some strategies that might not even work. I think she succeeds because she brings up the topic and provides good examples and evidence on why it’s becoming a problem.

6) Bordo first develop this selection as a problem- solution essay by first starting of by giving example of how different countries never had people have eating disorder until there country was westernized and then the people started to develop an eating disorder. One way they develop an eating disorder was that the people were watching the westernized movies and the media. The solution appears in the last paragraph when the author says she has no answers on what to be done until we start paying attention to the culture around us and what it is teaching our children and the sooner we can begin developing some strategies to change. The placement of the solution is effective because the author puts the solution in the last paragraph and it’s what the reader last reads.

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