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Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol from Benzophenone and Bromobenzene

Abstract The purpose of this lab was to use benzophenone and bromobenzene to synthesize triphenylmethanol. This was done via a Grignard reaction. The reaction was refluxed to form the Grignard reagent and then recrystallized to obtain a pure product. The melting point of the final pure product was determined to be 160 – 163.2 centigrade and the product showed IR peaks at 3471.83 cm– and 3059.52 cm–. Triphenylmethanol was synthesized with a 9.21 % yield.       Introduction The […]

Recrystallization and Identification of Unknown

Abstract: In this lab an unknown, contaminated organic compound, “E”, was given to be purified and identified. The compound was identified to be N-Phenysuccinimide, because it had a melting range of 154.3-155.5 degrees Celsius. When the purified compound was mixed with known N-Phenylsuccinimide, the melting range was not depressed at all confirming the results. An appropriate solvent was found among water, acetone, ethanol and toluene by doing small-scale solubility tests. To purify the N-Phenylsuccinimide, it was dissolved in hot ethanol, […]

Melting Point and Boiling Point

The purpose of this experiment was to observe the purity of a compound by testing its melting or boiling point. When a chemical is at a melting point, the vapor pressure of its solid phase is equal to that of the liquid phase. Impurities like H20 will lower the melting point of a compound. Reagents Tested: Cinnamic Acid Urea Pentane Analysis: Boiling Point of Pentane Pentane boils at about a third of the temperature of boiling water (see Table A […]