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Summary of “Social Sites are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing”

In the essay, “Social Sites are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing” the author talks about how people are sick of social sites and the ratings are dropping by the millions. The author provides reason why this is occurring. One reason is students are returning to school and they do not have time. Another reason is that there are an increasing number of sites competing for attention. Ellen Lee continues on and provides a story about a social site […]

Summary of Caroline McCarthy’s “In Defense of Twitter”

Caroline McCarthy starts out her essay with a story of her being disappointed in a convenience store and she wanted to make her disappointment know by using twitter. McCarthy then talks about how you can tweet anything and how random the tweets can be. McCarthy then starts to compare twitter to social-networking sites and how twitter is more free form than these social networking sites. McCarthy mentions how people are not fully satisfied and abandon twitter for rivals, like Jaiku. […]