Summary of “Social Sites are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing”

In the essay, “Social Sites are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing” the author talks about how people are sick of social sites and the ratings are dropping by the millions. The author provides reason why this is occurring. One reason is students are returning to school and they do not have time. Another reason is that there are an increasing number of sites competing for attention. Ellen Lee continues on and provides a story about a social site user and how they are turning away from these social sites. Ellen starts to talk about how social sites help people desire of self-expression. Ellen then continues to talk about people spend hours on these social sites in the beginning, but after a while then start to cut back because they are not interested in it anymore and move on to another social site. Then the author uses Myspace as an example of how it’s a part of member’s lives. Myspace is expanding even if people abandon it but it’s still attracting new people.