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Summary of “Social Sites are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing”

In the essay, “Social Sites are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing” the author talks about how people are sick of social sites and the ratings are dropping by the millions. The author provides reason why this is occurring. One reason is students are returning to school and they do not have time. Another reason is that there are an increasing number of sites competing for attention. Ellen Lee continues on and provides a story about a social site […]

New Generation of Social Networking

Online social networking has grown rapidly, and now surpasses e-mail usage worldwide. Popular social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer novel utilities that are increasingly useful for this generation. Distance communication has come a long way, from letters, newspapers, radio, telephones, and the modern e-mail. Historians are labeling this period of time as the Age of Information for a reason; sites like these mentioned are connecting people in ways never before imagined. However, all new technologies suffer criticism, […]