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Siblings For Sale – Short Story

By: Mpho Tlale The moon provided them with enough light to see into each other’s eyes. Just sitting there and watching the waves from the Atlantic Ocean was enough for Dineo.The lighthouse proved to offer a peace of mind. They had wished to relax by the beach shores to enjoy the view at a close range but the tide was high and it was chilly. Dineo noticed the difference between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. The Atlantic was more […]

The Night You Left – Short Story

By: Tammi Browne-Bannister  I watched you walking up the road until I squeezed a mere figment of you with my eyes.  Tears trickled down my face.  I wanted too, more than anything, go with you but mummy said, “Not today.”  She left me so highly annoyed, saying that she had things for me to do inside the house.  The woman packed me up with all sorts of chores not to keep my mind off the fact that she wouldn’t allow […]

COCKS, HENS, DOGS and a SWINE – Short Story

By: Tammi Browne-Bannister Sleep didn’t come easily. It never really did. Ever since I was little I would lay in bed with my hands behind my head listening and waiting, gazing at nothing in particular, just the blackness of my room. Years later, I lay in bed, still trying to see through darkness with one hand under my head and the other tweezing out the knots in the hairs on my chest. Mum kept guard in a corner of our […]

Sacrifice – Short Story

By: Varsha Seshan Outside the temple was a tall coconut tree that was generations old. In fact, it was so old that everyone paid respect to the tree before entering the temple. No one really separated the temple from the tree. The two necessarily went together, almost like the Ardhanaarishwara. The tree just outside the temple, just a little to the left, completed the idea of Shiva who was worshipped within. Two priests had charge of the temple. One was, […]

Rebellion – Short Story

By: Perry McDaid   Since eleven, I’ve looked teenage, and was teased for hanging about with people my own age. When older boys called to me in the street, I used to be nervous, and thankful when adults told them off. I used to be chuffed when the neighbours would call to them that I looked older than my age and they should be ashamed of themselves.   Then I turned thirteen. Apart from the obvious body changes all girls […]

Rascal – Short Story

By: Saahil Acharya I asked him why he did it. He couldn’t explain very well. “Its what I’m good at.”, he kept repeating. “Its what I do.” “Its what I was meant to do.” Pointless repetitions to reassure himself. He was very distraught, and kept fingering the vase, or his jacket buttons. He leaned back and pleaded to be allowed to smoke. I resolutely pointed to the sticker on the glass door. “No Smoking”, it said. He didn’t seem the […]