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The Power of Words

When I was in eleventh grade I played football for Butler High School.  We would have practice every day except for Fridays and weekends.  The position I play on the field is cornerback for the defense.  One day we were practicing a design defense that would be able to stop our opponent for this Friday’s game.  At first, I kept making mistakes on what I was assign to do.  My coach came to me asks me “what is the matter” […]

Analysis of Susan Jacoby – When Bright Girls Decide Math is a Waste of Time

The following questions are about the article written by Susan Jacoby called When Bright Girls Decide Math is a Waste of Time Comprehension: 1. What reasons does Jacoby give for girls’ deficiency in math and science? In the article, Susan says that girls develop these deficiencies during their adolescence years by not taking math and science in their final years of high school. One reason they do this is because the girls stereotype masculine and feminine knowledge. Rhetoric: 1. In […]

Sandra Cisneros – A Unique Chicana Lady

A Unique Chicana Lady Sandra Cisneros is an American novelist, poet, short-story writer, and essayist. Cisneros is one of the first Hispanic-American writers who achieve worldwide success for her works. Cisneros is given credit by critics and literary scholar for bringing the life and hardships of Mexican-American women into the high-way of literary feminism. In 1954, Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago. Cisneros is the only girl of seven children and the third child born in the family. Cisneros’s parents […]

Journal Entry for Louis Menand’s: The Graduates

Journal Entry #1—Louis Menand, The Graduates Recapping: In the beginning of The Graduates, Louis Menand starts out his essay with a childhood story sleepover and how it compares to college students today. He mentions how things are different and pushes people out of their “comfort zone.” Then Louis starts to mention how competitive college applications are. For example, this year Harvard College has almost twenty-three thousand applicants and accepted only nine percent. Then the author continues on and starts talking […]

Journal Entry for Stephen Jay Gould’s “The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS”

Stephen Jay Gould, “The terrifying Normalcy of AIDS” Recapping: The author first starts out the essay by explaining how with today’s modern technology there really is not limit to what can be accomplished. Then the author goes on and relates and the AIDS pandemic may rank with a nuclear weapon as the greatest danger of our era. Stephen Jay Gould continues on and talks about John Platt and how he recognized that the limited data on the origin of AIDS […]

Test Notes for Reading and Writing

Steps to reading Critically and Actively : 1)Develop an attitude of critical consciousness (be active, engage w/text, ask ?): Don’t be passive, uncritical), 2)Read Attentively: Don’t let mind wonder, 3)Paraphrase: Take mental/ Actual Notes ,4) Ask Questions:, 5)Control Your bias (5 Steps) Active Reader: Read Biographical notes about author, Focus on the title of the work, what is date of publication?, Does the author use quotation marks to “signal” words?, Purpose of Italics words? Meaning to be a critical Reader: […]