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Life After Death – Short Story

By: S.H. Pratt   With a huge yawn and a leisurely stretch, he opened his green eyes and a wide smile lit his rugged face, pulling his stubble and making it itchy.  The first thing he saw as he scratched his chin was the large poster he’d hung across from his bed the night before.  It was a breathtaking sunrise over some random stretch of craggy beach, which made him happy because he loved the sea, but he’d bought it […]

Leap Day – Short Story

By: Jacquie Gauthier It took a day that normally doesn’t exist for the improbable to happen. I have an appointment with the elusive Internet Guy! My neighbours have warned me that having an appointment and him actually turning up are two completely different things. They have been waiting for the mythical Satellite TV Guy for about 8 months now. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but maybe miracles are more likely to occur on February 29; as though […]

Last Walk – Short Story

By: Atul Sharma The lake was placid that day. Its water level receding day by day as the summer heat became harsh. No soul dared to venture in this scorching heat at three in the afternoon. Nevertheless, Vineet was there, standing in the shade of a tree to save himself from this unbearable heat. He felt tired of wiping sweat from his forehead with his handkerchief. Then he saw Anita walking towards him at a slow pace, holding an umbrella […]

Jeff’s Relics – Short Story

Sally walked up the hill behind her house, enjoying the absence of snow and her first exercise after the long winter. She was partly meandering, partly searching, and partly wishing the change of the seasons wouldn’t be so predictable. March always hosted the contest between aging winter and fetal spring. One day would bring southwesterly breezes and flocks of northern-bound geese. The next would revert to blizzard conditions, and the ground would be white again. There was no doubt that […]

I Remember My Brother and Sister – Short Story

By: Iain Angus I remember my brother and sister. No one else does, but I do. My parents moved from Pennsylvania to Ontario before any of us were born. I am not sure why now, but it may have been for medical reasons. I think it was 1970 or 71. They moved to Charleston Lake, cottage country. Straight up, off I-81; half an hour north of the New York state border. The locals called it a summer place, our house. […]

Humor in Dark – Short Story

By: Arun Mathew   Warsaw, Poland- early spring of 1939  “And now we pray to the lord almighty to give us courage and power to see ourselves through these dark days and we pray unto thee for our sanctity and safeguarding the lives of our fellow countrymen. Amen.” Father Roland closed the Sunday mass. Flocks of devotees had gathered to St Thomas cathedral to pray for their own safety against the marching Wehrmacht. The Fuhrer had set his sights on stripping Poland of […]