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Atterberg Limits – Lab

Objective For fine-grained soils the expected behavior is not strictly dependent particle size.  Rather, fine-grained soil is mostly affected by the water content of the soil. To assess the way the fine- grained soil will behave, it is necessary to determine the liquid and plastic limit of the soil. The liquid limit describes the point at which the water content alters the consistency of the soil from plastic to liquid.  The plastic limit defines the point at which the soil […]

The Comparison of Responses of the Same Level of Exercise on the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure of Boys and Girls

By: Joyce Acen Introduction: Question: Will the girls’ and boys’ responses to the same level of exercise differ on its effect to their heart rate and blood pressure? Background: The functions of the human cardiopulmonary physiology can be broken down into the circulatory system and the respiratory system. The main goal of these two systems is to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis can be described as a type of condition where the internal continuity of an individual has to keep steadiness, regardless […]

Case Study in Prepatellar Bursitis

Case Study in Prepatellar Bursitis By: Julia Trimble Introduction: Surrounding large synovial joints are small fluid-filled sacs composed of fibrous connective tissue called Bursa Sacs.  They are found in any area that ligaments and tendons articulate with bones or skin.[1]  Some Bursae are superficial and they separate bone from the subcutaneous layer of the skin while thers lay behind or within synovial joints.  Bursae are lined with synovial tissue containing a viscious, nutrient-rich liquid called synovial fluid.1  This fluid acts […]

Copyright Case of “Tha Weedman”

The Parties: Plaintiff-Redwin Wilchcombe Defendant- TeeVee Toons, Inc The Facts: In 2002, Redwin met rapper Jonathan Smith p/k/a Lil John of Lil John and the East Side Boyz (LJESB). While the two were talking about calling a supplier of marijuana, a “weedman”, Lil John told the plaintiff that would be a “cool” concept for a song. The plaintiff proceeded to compose the music and lyrics for “Tha Weedman” which was later sent to Lil John for final mixing, and to […]

Tort Assignment on the Concordia Cruiseship Wreck

On Friday January 13th, 2012, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia struck a rock off the west coast of Italy, causing the ship to partially sink. Of the 3,229 passengers on board, all but 32 escaped the ship. 39 of the survivors have filled a lawsuit against Carnival Corp, who owned the company that operated the ship, for gross negligence. In order for a plaintiff to win a negligence case the defendant must owe a duty of care to the […]

Journal Entry for Sherry Turkle’s “How Computers Change the Way We Think”

Journal #3—Sherry Turkle, “How Computer Change the Way We Think” Recapping: Sherry Turkle starts her essay with her first encounter on how computers change the way we think. Turkle discusses the transition from slide rules to calculators and how it was difficult for that transition for college students. The author continues on and talks about how technology gives people a new way to think about what it means to know and understand. Also, Turkle focuses on privacy and how students […]