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Example of a Business Letter

The following is an example Business letter:   November 8, 2010 George Bodenheimer, President of ESPN 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521   Dear Mr. Bodenheimer: I am writing you in concern with the next biggerst television show. The show will be called The Life of a College Athlete. The show will travel to each major college in the united states and follow one of the top athletes in america. The title of the show, The Life of […]

Righteous Insanity Defense

Persons being tried for murder should be able to use an insanity defense because it is unrighteous for society to punish those whom are “under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act[s] [they] [committed] or, if [they] did know the quality of the act, that [they] did not know that what [they] [were] doing was wrong (PA Code Title 18, 315).” Society does punish heinous conduct […]

New Generation of Social Networking

Online social networking has grown rapidly, and now surpasses e-mail usage worldwide. Popular social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer novel utilities that are increasingly useful for this generation. Distance communication has come a long way, from letters, newspapers, radio, telephones, and the modern e-mail. Historians are labeling this period of time as the Age of Information for a reason; sites like these mentioned are connecting people in ways never before imagined. However, all new technologies suffer criticism, […]

Technology and Traffic Law Deficits

In spite of this area’s perseverance for economic revival, Pennsylvania is faced with massive government deficit and paramount fuel costs. People must urge legislators to begin mediating solutions for mundane problems such as traffic law, which fails to serve the Commonwealth’s best interest and needs extensive reformation. Anyone will be quick to make the case that it’s not time to pave roads and build bridges with a “transportation funding shortfall of $3.5 billion,”(TRIP 4) but that is exactly what needs […]

Measles Outbreaks and Measle Vaccine Refusal

The endemic transmission of measles virus was declared eliminated from the United States in 2000 as a result of strong vaccination coverage. In recent years,  measle vaccine coverage has waned due to parents’ lack of personal experience with the virus and their misperceptions of vaccine safety [1]. Measles remains endemic abroad and therefore the risk of the virus being imported endures. An afflicted traveler is often the origin of a larger outbreak [2-8]. In 2011, 222 people in the US […]