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Summary of Caroline McCarthy’s “In Defense of Twitter”

Caroline McCarthy starts out her essay with a story of her being disappointed in a convenience store and she wanted to make her disappointment know by using twitter. McCarthy then talks about how you can tweet anything and how random the tweets can be. McCarthy then starts to compare twitter to social-networking sites and how twitter is more free form than these social networking sites. McCarthy mentions how people are not fully satisfied and abandon twitter for rivals, like Jaiku. […]

Summary of Farhad Manjoo’s “Do I Really Have to Join Twitter?”

Farhad Manjoo first starts out talking about twitter and how it is becoming more popular rapidly. Manjoo continues on about twitter and how some think twitter is the next great mode of human communication, while others say they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the service. Manjoo then ask the reader if twitter is a fad and how if you do not join twitter then would you be missing out on some important cultural touch stone. Manjoo also […]

New Generation of Social Networking

Online social networking has grown rapidly, and now surpasses e-mail usage worldwide. Popular social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer novel utilities that are increasingly useful for this generation. Distance communication has come a long way, from letters, newspapers, radio, telephones, and the modern e-mail. Historians are labeling this period of time as the Age of Information for a reason; sites like these mentioned are connecting people in ways never before imagined. However, all new technologies suffer criticism, […]